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[10 May 2005|11:01pm]
yay for summer vacation!

only 4 more days and i'll be back in New Jersey. hopefully work won't kick my ass. that would be ... bad. very very bad.

nothing really to update. my dad fired nate, the cutest delivery boy ever (and the boy that i cheated on my former boyfriend/love of my life with every summer since the 8th grade while boyfriend went to baseball camp) i'm not so happy with my daddy right now. he's the only one that was cute enough to deliver to my house. i'm picky :P

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[02 May 2005|01:02pm]
Julie and CT both accepted bids last night. so excited! i'm finally going to get a younger sister :) hopefully the pledge class is big next semester, especially since we're struggling with numbers. but we're supposed to. we're a local sorority :) imagine this, 14 girls as compared to sororities with 50+ girls ... and we won sorority of the year on Shippensburg's campus. take that one, biatches. i love being part of the not so stereotypical sorority on campus. things work out so much better.

also congrats to pi lambda phi for winning fraternity of the year. oh Dean. you're dreamy.

trying to pack away all my things to move back home or to the house that i'm living in next semester. it sucks though because i can barely walk because of my ankle. no more power hours with wine. EVER. again. my daddy won't even drive down to help me :\ he's being a jerkface.

finals are kicking my ass. i can't wait until this week is over.

Dean offerred to take me out to dinner sometime this week, since supposedly he owes me it because of the terms of the date auction agreement. he didn't want me to think that he's a jerk or something, but i really could've cared less. i know that he doesn't really want to go, and it'd be hypocritical of me to make him go when i totally blew off the dorky kid that paid $46 for a date with me (imagine that!) dean and i are not mean to be together. we're both shy. two shy people don't go well with each other. i just took a rain check until next semester. i just want to ride in the red mustang with the top down :x

i guess nothing else is really new. it's naptime or study time. or maybe i'll do whatever i feel like doing. peace out homies.

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[20 Apr 2005|11:27pm]

i officially hate greek week. we sucked at everything we did so far, but hey, we had fun. i hurt all overrrr. i haven't been real physically active lately, so this weekend has been treacherous. not to mention, human pyramids tonight? hrmm, no. this chick was even on the bottom because the rest of the girls are pussies.


i ended up going to the date party on friday night, even though i really didn't want to. i wanted to go by myself, but Mase (one of the boys that pledged Pi Lam this semester) practically begged that i take him (because i'm hot stuff of course). apparently he skipped out on driving to Chicago to see his friend so he could party this weekend, and his idea of partying was coming to the Alpha Sig date party. woofreakinghoo. oh, well. at least he wasn't clingy. and i didn't have to take him home!

after the date party, Khai (my asian crush) stopped by and took me to the Pi Lam house. hrm, wasn't a pretty sight. we drove up Greek Row and there was allllll these people cluttered in front of the house. luckily, they weren't there because of Pi Lam, but rather Pi Kapp, who's right across the street. well whatever. we got out of the car and Dean (so hot soo soooo hottt) was WASTED, and he was just walking around and saying shit under his breath, so Khai told me to try to get him into the house. he wouldn't. he like, flung me against the house, and since i was drunk to begin with and wearing heels, i nailed the house, and then the ground, and MAN, i really felt it the next morning. anyway. Dean kept leaving, and no one knew where he went. he lost his shoes, so he was basically walking around barefoot. his feet were fiiillllthyyy.

then the boys started wrestling. first it was Dylan and Irish, Dylan won. then Royce wanted to wrestle Irish, so they wrestled ... three times. Irish won all three times. THEN, Dylan wrestled Dean. Dean won. but it was some funny shit, let me tell you. i'm updating webshots really soon, so you can look at them there. everytime i'm drunk i take soooo many pictures.

won't mention anything else about the evening. but needless to say, i behaved. i'm just a prude, what can i say?

nothing else is really going on. just waiting for the semester to end so i can head back to jersey. rawr.

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[15 Apr 2005|04:15pm]
date party tonight. and this one doesn't have anything to wear.

or any beverages.

and even more importantly ... a date? haha.
screw that. i'll have more fun if i go by myself.

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[14 Apr 2005|02:04pm]
please tell me that the whole rating community plague was just a fad. i'm sick of fucking promotions.

i'm baaack!!! at least for a little. who knows how long i'll update this shit.

anyway. i'll make a long story short. got sick of albright, so i transferred to Shippensburg. it's still kind of small compared to other universities, but it's a heck of a lot bigger than Albright and that's DEFINITELY what i wanted. like it a lot more.

met a few girls from a local sorority here, Alpha Sigma. they're wonderful wonderful girls and i was really looking to make friends, so low and behold ... i joined, and now i'm a sister. woohoo! this isn't your typical sorority and i am not your typical sorority girl.

anyhoo. our "brother fraternity" is Pi Lambda Phi. the guys are assholes, potheads, alcoholics, etc. but they're just so cute! haha. the only reason we're so close to them is because half of my sorority is dating half of their fraternity. so naturally, as you all know i'm boy crazy, i developed a crush on a certain person of the male persuation.

this is he:)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

isn't he marvelous? his name is Dean, he's a freshman too! he drives a VERY nice red mustang convertible and is from the Pittsburg area. did i mention he's intelligent? and he's NOT a big pothead, or an asshole. finally :) but this is a picture of him and some of his brothers:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

don't mind my drawing. haha, i'm a weirdo, i know. doesn't it look like the one kid is like picking his nose? hrmm, yeah.

but anyhoo. last night was the Greek Date Auction, and i officially made an ass out of myself, not once, but TWICE. i bid on Dean and won ... for $23. i was so embarassed; i couldn't stop shaking. Erin (one of my sisters and Pi Lam's "sweetheart") was supposed to bid on him for me, but then she stopped. so instead, I had to bid all by myself. .:sigh:. i'm growing up way too fast.

and then! it was my turn (i was volunteered to do this, mind you ... not to mention, it was for charity). Dean was bidding on me, against this kid thats in Kappa Sigma (the dorky boys that basically just hand out letters). Dean told me that he thought he won, but he DIDN'T. so now i have to go out to eat with this 5 foot tall, 100 lb skinny kid who i was warned was very creepy (by a girl that dates one of his fraternity brothers) and is known as the "fraternity weirdo".


and i officially can never talk to Dean. EVER. AGAIN.

there you go. there's your update. oh! also, my sister had another baby in december. her name is mia gabrielle and she's precious. i'm flying to vegas in mid-June to see her and her fiance get married. it's about time they tied the not.

zachary is also flying to korea tomorrow. luckily i remembered. i have to call him :( this is so sad.

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have no fear. [28 Nov 2004|11:53pm]
i didn't die.

i'm just going thru a tough time. this week i finally decided that i need to get out of this school before it drives me to suicide ... literally, and i'm not even close to being a depressing person. but uh huh, i'm not coming back to albright next semester. granted i don't know what i'm going to do with my life in the spring, there's no way in hell that i'll be seeing albright ever again at the end of these next three weeks.

shippensburg? i think? i'm going to call admissions to see if i can get in for spring semester, but i'm pretty sure that's where i'm going to be come fall anyway. if not, i can always take classes at LCCC for the spring and work, and help out my sister with the babies. by the way, my sister's popping out her second baby really soon. how quaint.

so jamie ... i guess this means i'll be going to school near you? haha.

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[10 Nov 2004|04:29am]
On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favorite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. No google-cheating.

i added an extra five because i was bored. haha, oops.

PS: i'll know if you cheat, so don't even think about it, biatches ;]Collapse )

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[10 Nov 2004|12:19am]
okay. i'm going to recommend a music artist that EVERYONE should check out. his name is butch walker, and he toured with avril lavigne this past fall. his first single/video is called "mixtape", and you should definitely download it. if you can't find it anywhere to download, just go to http://www.butchwalker.com and it's the first clip you hear when you enter the site. check out his other music too; it's definitely quality, in my opinion. and if you like it, buy his cd, letters! it's been out since the beginning of september.

a thank you.

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[09 Nov 2004|07:05pm]
our mixer with SAE was somewhat fun ... i had more fun with my girls than with any of those silly frat boys. i didn't take many pictures. don't be too disappointed.

millionaires and trophy wifes ... minus the millionaires because the millionaires were all pricksCollapse )

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[06 Nov 2004|11:07pm]
so tonight, the suite girls are playing truth or dare and never have i ever. granted that everything that is done/said is of sexual orientation, i decided to duck out and catch up on some school work and studying.

i'm such a good girl.

in other words ... i'm a loser :P

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[06 Nov 2004|10:23pm]
\ x / e r d .

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[03 Nov 2004|06:06pm]
i've never been really political, and this is the last time in the next four years that i'm going to be. but i saw this in one of my friends' away messages, and had to post it ... since it makes A LOT of sense.

The Republican Party should change its emblem from the elephant to a condom. The condom more clearly reflects the party's stance today because a condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually getting fucked.

a thank you.

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[03 Nov 2004|10:01am]
dear america -

thank you for screwing over my generation while i slept last night. here's to four more years wars.


madelyn g. maratea

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pictures!! [02 Nov 2004|01:33pm]
there's like 30+ pictures under the cut.

click here for a fun time. :]Collapse )

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[01 Nov 2004|11:49pm]
someone please tell me i didn't take the hottest "guest" ever to my halloween party.

my date was gilligan. the other boy is his "big". kyle mont is a frat boy.

.:. sigh .:. i know, i know.

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public announcement [01 Nov 2004|08:24pm]
in honor of election day tomorrow ... i present to you, my kerry/meyers userpic.

"When you look at everything that's happening in the world right now with the global war on terror and the economy and jobs...that what America really needs is more Seth Meyers on television."- Seth Meyers on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, October 13, 2004 [i was there at that taping in NY, did i mention that?!]

buuuut i don't care who YOU vote for, just VOTE [if you're legally able to].

AND watch the SNL presidential bash tonight at 10/9 PM central on NBC. a thank you.

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[01 Nov 2004|02:35pm]
have no fear.

my camera has been located!

thank you, laura stankiewicz!!!!!! :]

PS: josh hunter.
you suck.
a lot.
and we're not speaking anymore.
thank you.

pi love,

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[01 Nov 2004|01:21am]
my camera has yet to be found.

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[30 Oct 2004|10:48pm]
i wanted to post my pictures from the party last night.

but my digital camera is missing. and i'm in biiiiiig trouble.


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[29 Oct 2004|10:03am]
I believe in Karma
what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love
until you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener
on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got
until you say goodbye

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